How to Prevent the Number One Most Common Injury

My name is Grethel and I am a Cardiac PCU Registered Nurse in Tampa, FL. I am the creator of As a registered nurse, I am passionate about preventative health, educating, and overall wellbeing. I also a weightlifter, practice yoga, and am current training for my first HalfMarathon.

I want to share with you all one of my greatest passions: MOBILITY. Mobility is much more than how flexible you are. It has to do with proper body alignment, properrange of motion and making the most out of your movements.


What are the benefits?

—Improved balance and posture

—Protects your joints

—Pain-free movements

—Ability to lift more weight

—Ability to lift the weight properly


And most importantly: Prevention of injury, ESPECIALLY BACK INJURIES!

According to American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the leading cause of disability, results in 264 million lost work days a year, and costs Americans at the minimum $50 million in health care costs every year.


ACA also estimates that 80% of individuals will experience back pain in their lifetime. These injuries are from mechanical and non-organic causes, which means they do not stem from conditions.


As a nurse, I can say that more than half the patients I see have chronic back pain. Many of them are on opioids for years to control their pain. None of us are immune to this.

We can get back injuries from extreme cases like a car accident or simply from improper lifting on the job… or at the gym.

Which leads us back to: MOBILITY.




A: Warming up with cardio will allow you to raise your body temperature, which is very important. With mobility drills, you are preparing your joints and muscles to move through a specific range of motion that will assist your body in aligning itself properly in an exercise.




A: Before my workouts, I first warm up my whole body on a piece of cardio equipment for about 10 minutes. I start at a one inch incline, at a moderate pace, usually around 3.5 to 4.5. Then every two minutes, I increase the speed up 0.2. At 10 minutes, your body is warm. AFTER this, I start my mobility drills. Depending on which body part Iam working on, each day will vary, but for today’s post I want to give you a basic routine that will target your wholebody.



This is a simple, yet effective mobility routine for you to implement into your warm up. Before moving into any kind of mobility/stretching routine, warm up the body on any cardio equipment for 10 minutes and get that heart rate up!

 1.   Cat Cow—

How to Prevent Back Injuries
How to Prevent Back Injuries

Cat Cow warms up and stretches your back, shoulders, core, hips, and chest.

-Go through the full motion both ways, slowly.

-Hips above knees and shoulders above wrists.

-When curving down, exhale, keep your core very tight, curve your back, and relax your neck.

-When curving up, inhale, open up your chest and look up.

Complete 5 rounds of both movements.

1.   inchworms—

7.jpgInchworms allow you to actively stretch your hamstrings, strengthen your core and pretty much every other muscle in the body
Inchworms allow you to strengthen your core
Inchworms workout
How-to: Inchworms workout
Inchworms workout how to explanation

Inchworms allow you to actively stretch your hamstrings, strengthen your core and pretty much every other muscle in the body! This is an excellent total body warm up drill.


-Keep your core tight! Even if you can only complete one of these, I would rather you do it properly.

-Keep your back aligned. From your tailbone all the way up the the crown of your head.

-Tight hamstrings? Bend your knees slightly if you need to. Work on straightening your legs each week as you progress.

 3.   Scapular Push-Up —

Scapular Push-Up  workout
Scapular Push-Up  how-to blog

The goal here is to engage the muscles of the scapula while keeping the rest of the body tight and still.


-Keep arms straight and stiff.

-Align your shoulders above your hands.

-Heels back.

-Tuck those hips to keep that core strong. See the theme?

-Push up only with your shoulders without shrugging. Make this movement slow.

4.  Banded Shoulders  —

Banded Shoulders
Banded Shoulders workout
Banded Shoulders how to blog post
workout tutorials blog post

Our shoulders are the most mobile joint in our entire body! To keep them healthy, go through this mobility drill, especially before shoulder workouts.


-You can do this move sitting or standing.

-Whether you are sitting or standing, make sure your pelvis is in a neutral position to

keep your core properly engaged.

-As your mobility improves, you can use a higher resistance band or even use a straight bar.

5.  Deep Squat  —

Deep squat post done correctly

-Chest up!

-Be mindful of the alignment in your spine. Avoid sticking your bum out.

-You can shift from side to side in this position

-Hold the position for 30 seconds or less. After your workout, you can hold for longer.

6.  Twisting Lunge  —

Twisting Lunge
Twisting Lunge pose
How to do a Twisting Lunge

Lunging with a twist! (Sorry—that was a badjoke)


-Knee above your ankle. Point your footforward.

-In order to achieve proper hip positioning, place hands on hips during the descent. Your working leg’s hip shouldn’t be more forward than the other

-Keep heels back.

-If you feel unsteady, you can look down at your foot.

-Keep that back leg as straight as possible.


Now, time to kick butt for the rest of the Spring Challenge!!!!

In health,

Grethel H.

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